Expert Interview

As a student, the best place to receive financial guidance would be the school’s Student Financial Services(SFIN) office, workers. It’s their job to help students struggling to understand and manage the costs of college. Their web page on consists of lists informing us how to connect the staff, how they can help students, andContinue reading “Expert Interview”

Emergency Expenses

Budgeting: an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future, a plan of operations based on such an assessment. A primary benefit of budgeting is how the outcome allows you to pay off bills and all expenses and know how much money will be left. The importance ofContinue reading “Emergency Expenses”


One of the most important aspects when moving to a new area to live is being able to get to important places. Many different components go into getting a car or bike, but the main one is what you can afford comfortably. Living on your own and paying for all the different expenses such asContinue reading “Transportation”

Meals on a Budget

Introducing grocery lists and methods for shopping that can help save money and still be healthy! Within the past month, my roommates and I started the process of going to the grocery store and trying to save as much money as we can. After our first visit to the store, we realized we spent tooContinue reading “Meals on a Budget”

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