How to Save Money as a Student

Rising tuition and monthly expenses are causing students to struggle with making ends meet. There are so many ways people are unaware of saving money when all we have to do is learn, and we can save instantly. Being a new college student myself, there have been many occasions where I have learned new ways to spend my money. The first few and most efficient things I learned concerned payments for school and my living arrangements. Before I knew any better, I ordered all of my textbooks new, I did not apply for any financial aid or scholarships, and I rushed into an apartment without looking at other options. I have learned about textbooks because they can be borrowed from the library, a friend, amazon, or online e-books where the options for the prices are usually lower. Knowing your classes and planning in advance is most beneficial in this case because you see all of your possibilities versus waiting until the last minute, and the number of choices is lower. When I applied to college, I was doubtful that I could get into a four-year university. When the time came for me to pick where I wanted to go, I had missed many deadlines for financial aid. The list of financial help is endless. You can apply for a grant, which does not have to be repaid, loans, assistance for military families, and support from the state government.
On the other hand, finding living arrangements can be very difficult. While looking for a place to live, a college student’s main concerns are location and price. My roommates and I were kicked out of the dorms, and we immediately went to the first apartments that were available. Luckily, we enjoy our beautiful place but wish we had done more research to find a safer place to live. It should take quite some time to find the right place for you to fit within your budget. Knowing how much money you have makes these decisions and reshapes before spending money to prevent falling into debt.

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