Housing and Utilities

Before moving into a new place, it is substantial to save money before that can cover the first couple of months of rent. In case of emergency or loss of income, moving into a new place and not being able to pay is the worst-case scenario. This time is a time where budgeting money in advance becomes a necessity. Equivalently, when looking for places to live, there are multiple aspects to look into. Firstly, many apartments and condos offer a certain amount of money to cover utilities. My roommates and I have a budget of 100 dollars in utilities at our apartment from our management, where if we go over, the payments go to us. With all the money we spend on other costs, paying less on utilities allows me to spend more on different expenses. There is also the decision on where to live, picking the best location for the best price. Transportation costs depend on where you live. If you live far from campus, getting around is more comfortable with a car. In contrast, a closer place can allow you to buy a bike and save money. Since these expenses are some of the largest, It is essential when budgeting to subtract these costs from your income first, before another spending. Some ways to budget the major items could be to write down your total income and what money you can spend. Next, subtract all costs starting with the largest to smallest. Finally, you can choose how it is split up with the funds spared in places like emergency expenses or a shopping day. Be sure to keep in mind every month is different. We encounter many obstacles in life, which is why being prepared is so important. Overall, prioritizing massive costs and planning out in advance is the only way to manage your money to stay out of debt.

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