Expert Interview

As a student, the best place to receive financial guidance would be the school’s Student Financial Services(SFIN) office, workers. It’s their job to help students struggling to understand and manage the costs of college. Their web page on consists of lists informing us how to connect the staff, how they can help students, and essential billing due dates. I emailed, and Anna Magaña replied, she works in SFIN and asked her the following questions and her answers in blue:

  1. What financial advice would you give to someone struggling to manage expenses? 

“Starting off the school year with an estimate of your costs and an estimate of your financial resources is key. Knowing this information can help you set a budget for the year and help you see where you may be short. Once you know where you might struggle, you can plan ahead and reach out to resources on campus. Examples of those resources are the Financial Aid Office, the Basic Needs Office and Student Financial Services.”

2. How would you help someone with staying on top of their payments?

“Regularly reviewing your Chico State email for notices from Student Financial Services and Financial Aid will help keep you on top of your account. You can also utilize the academic calendar and the Student Financial Services website for important dates and deadlines if you’re planning ahead. If you have a questions, Student Financial Services is available for calls, and we’re happy to have a discussion about your student account. “

In Anna’s first response, she recommended that budgeting by knowing your expenses and income is “key.” Throughout my blog, I have said very similar things, especially the importance of being aware of costs to be prepared when you fall behind. Furthermore, Anna stated, “Once you know where you might struggle, you can plan ahead and reach out to resources on campus.” Anna illustrated how knowing in advance will tell you when to ask for help and how.

Mrs. Magaña was informational on resources and people that can give us help. For the second question, she explained how utilizing and taking advantage of all the resources we are provided will benefit anyone because you never stop learning and improving our skills. Being on top of emails and mail we are less likely to fall behind on payments as well as important deadlines we have to save extra for.

There are many people you already know who went through similar experiences that can give help. For example, an authoritative adult has gone through all payment processes and has extensive knowledge of how to do them since they repeatedly have completed these tasks. Another source of help is looking online. Starting with watching videos or explaining step-by-step, anyone can access support by taking advantage of their resources.

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