Emergency Expenses

Budgeting: an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future, a plan of operations based on such an assessment. A primary benefit of budgeting is how the outcome allows you to pay off bills and all expenses and know how much money will be left. The importance of preparing in advance is how it grants you with necessities and items you want without the stress of not knowing if it is affordable for you. When a problematic event occurs, and you need to spend money, knowing how much you have available after your main expenses reliefs someone of the stress of not knowing how much debt they can fall into. On a similar hand, being prepared with money set aside from budgeting will keep you out of debt for every time you hit a financial bump in the road. Think of budgeting as creating a cushion; the more effort put into it, the better the results. Different from living at home, having one stable income source to cover all expenses can be very hard to manage at first. Scenarios such as an unexpected illness and being fired would cause someone to depend on money set aside due to income loss. There are multiple strategies to budgeting for emergencies, but I find one to be the most beneficial. Starting with your paycheck, subtract the money you know you have to spend monthly, like house mortgage, to see how much money you have left. Then, with the remainder of the money, you can split it for emergency expenses and personal spending money for things like a dinner out. People save up for a specific goal, such as starting up a new company or buying a house. It is crucial for someone to budget, which allows you to pay for unexpected emergencies and protects your savings by preparing a fund to last you three to six months.

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