One of the most important aspects when moving to a new area to live is being able to get to important places. Many different components go into getting a car or bike, but the main one is what you can afford comfortably. Living on your own and paying for all the different expenses such as groceries, rent, and college tuition itself. The first decision to make is what form of transportation you want to buy. If someone is living on campus then buying a bike would be more resourceful with supplies and food within the campus. In another scenario, if someone is located in an off-campus apartment or house, them buying a car can be beneficial to your time and safety. There are many ways to split costs and save money including sharing the cost between people and purchasing items that do the job and not the best. Currently, my roommates and I are sharing a car to share the expenses of gas and permit parking. This way, not only one person is paying for the car when we all use it and due to us being off-campus, we feel much safer being in a car than walking to the grocery store. Along with cars and bicycles, there’s also the less expensive option of walking or taking the bus. When thinking about what type of transportation, keeping in mind the money you have to spend is the main factor in staying out of debt. Budgeting in advance will help anyone to not buy something too expensive for their pockets. Here in Chico, my roommates and I were lucky enough to get a car since we aren’t comfortable walking the streets alone, but as we roll through college we can encounter financial problems. Being prepared for financial trouble means setting money aside for emergency expenses, so hopefully, by reading this article you learn the benefits of planning ahead of time to ensure comfortableness.

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