Why Forming a Habit of Student Budgeting is Important

Being a current college student myself, I know many expenses must be paid. Ranging from tuition to meals, I will illustrate multiple different ways of saving money as well as organizing deadlines and payments in advance. I believe the most beneficial factor to budgeting is that it will prevent you from being in debt and making payments you did not know you could not afford. I always dreamed of entering a 4-year university out of high school and as everyone knows college is not cheap, so I had to start saving. In high school, I worked four to five days a week at a smoothie shop called Robeks Juicery where I saved my income. Along with my job and years prior, I took on babysitting my family friends, and neighbors. While working I would think about how I can make the best use of my money. I decided to look ahead on future payments as well as things I needed, to be able to put the rest in the bank or takeout money if needed. With this technique, I managed to save money by being aware of my expenses and not spending money on unimportant things. This way you know exactly how much money you have, and living on a college budget it can come down to the wire. With my money saved I was able to start my transition into Chico State, I fear looking back if I had spent all of my money I would not get the opportunities I have today. Through countless hours of talking with my parents, we planned out how I can help pay for my college the best I can by also setting aside money for me to use if I wanted to. My goal is to help my readers by portraying a useful and easy method along with my experience of what not to do. I chose to write about budgeting due to the struggles it can prevent and eventually everyone starts to budget in their lifetime.

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